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Dead Frontier – Outbreak II – Flash Game Review

Dead Frontier: Outbreak II is a first person, ‘choose your own adventure’ role playing game based in a zombie infested, post-apocalyptic world. You have survived the initial outbreak, and alongside family, friends and strangers have taken refuge in a mill. The grain is providing food, yet a lack of clean water and sewage is causing disease, which is proving to be more deadly than the hordes of zombies. When those that are healthy decide to draw straws as to who has to seek out a pharmacist, yours is the shortest…As more and more of the story unfolds, after each paragraph you are forced to make a decision. Some will benefit you in the long run and others will prove to be fatal. Not long after you have begun your mission, you find that the pharmacist has been looted, and must continue further on foot to the mall. You will encounter infected zombies and be left with decisions based upon what is the safest and what is the riskiest but most rewarding.The storyline is gripping to say the least.

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 My eyes were glued to the screen, reading every word as it was spoken to me. When I discovered that it was a ‘choose your own adventure’ game I was disappointed, but this gripping tale will make up for that earlier disappointment.Fortunately, if you do make an incorrect decision that leads to your demise, you are able to replay that scene again and this time choose a different option – as opposed to replaying the whole tale again. Frustratingly, when I completed it the first time I forgot that I was actually trying to retrieve medication and ended up completing the mission without gaining anything, so try not to forget this.When you have finished the story, you are prompted with a statistics screen, awarding you a grade for your efforts in tactics and compassion.

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 It also notifies you on whether you survived and if you completed your objective or not. Your compassion score is based upon how you treated the few people that you met, the tactics score is based upon how well thought out your decisions were.For example barricading a door instead of locking it, or breaking the skull of an infected with a crowbar as opposed to alerting others with a shotgun. All these are aspects that you must take into consideration when trying to improve your score.Dead Frontier: Outbreak II on paper is not a game, or at least a boring one. However, it is far from it. Don’t let the story telling features of the game put you off immediately without trying it. It doesn’t take all day and the tale is thrilling, you will be thankful that you attempted it once you have finished.Another addictive game that can be played online is the virtual world which is called OurWorld. Here you can play many flash games and control an avatar in a 2d animated world.